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Healthy, Tasty Waffles

By: Sally Fouad
You really can eat healthy and tasty waffles! It is so easy and simple by knowing what ingredients to use by replacing unhealthy ones with healthy ones. Just as easy as it sounds! It is also very nutritious for children and adults because of the milk, eggs and whole-grain flour.
If you are on a calorie-diet you may eat one piece in the morning.
100g soft butter
150g brown sugar
3 eggs
100ml skimmed milk
150g whole grain flour
Pinch of salt
Vanilla or cinnamon
1 teaspoon baking powder
*Waffle-machine: This machine is almost in every hyper or supermarket kitchenware section.
Directions: Mix all ingredients together. Coat the machine from both sides with sunflower oil then pure a large spoonful into the middle of the machine. Fold both sides and wait 2-3 minutes till the waffles get golden brown. Serve hot with honey or an ice-cream ball with fruits.
Tip: This recipe is an ideal snack for kids who do not like to eat eggs. It is also suitable as school snacks.















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